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Woke up to horrible smell


Woke up to horrible smell.my house smells like weed. My 19 yr old smoking in his room. I got up and the hallway was worse, literally smoke coming out from under his door.what an idiot. I grabbed a hammer made holes in his doir and told him tomorrow hes getting the ff out of my house. I have lil one sleeping in my room. Theyre all crying. Im trying my best to try to get them to go back to sleep. Should i call the cops?? What am i suppossed to do its almost 3 am. Give me advice wat to do. Is the smell bad for us?? Its so horrible.

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If you call the cops, your son may be arrested, depending on the laws in your state. I would just tell him to put the joint out, open the windows, and try to go back to sleep.

I'm not a doctor, but it's unlikely that the smoke from one joint is going to harm anyone, unless they have a lung problem to begin with.

Singlemom6 in reply to jkl5500

I opened the windows, and the kids are starting to go back to sleep. Im scared to call cops, i could lose my apartment, my kids, everything. Best thing to do is kick him out. I hekp him so much yet hes making my life so stressfull.

I can hear your anger, pain and fear and understand why you are angry but I wonder if you can find it in you to talk to your son about why he is smoking, he might be in emotional pain and anxious too and using this as a way to cope. As teenagers we don't think through the consequences of our actions but I'm sure somewhere in the mix you love him and he loves you

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