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Still struggling

Went to a counselor yesterday, really no help. I was crying my eyes out & he recommended i try match.com. REALLY. I read somewhere that magnesium is good for depression so i bought some, and some sam-e. Still couldnt get out of bed for hours, made it to couch, ended up crying on the living room floor like some kind of basket case. I’m really trying to find things to be thankful for, and to convince myself there IS a future for me, but i’m just so broken.

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I'm sorry thing's are bad for you right now. Match.com? That's an odd thing for him to suggest, I can see why you'd be upset. Thing's will get better! It take's time. You can mend your broken self back together, everything will be ok :) just keep trying to help yourself. You have a future :)


well I guess match.com would give you something to do! Get you out of bed and the accomodation. I too am broken - lost milions, run over by a car left disabled facing police trial = terrible


Sorry for your troubles...

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Well you've still got your physical health, your finances and some of your relationships. Try and look at the positives and start working on your future. Easier said than done, but looking back is bad and projecting your worries to the future is also bad


I feel broken also and your not alone being here is helping me hopefully it helps you too


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