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Coping mechanisms

Hi all. I’m new here and I was wondering what coping mechanisms you all use to help with your anxiety and depression.

I’m currently on Zoloft and busprion. I’ve previously been on Prozac and clonzapaem but they seem to have less of an effect after 2 years of being on them.

I try to use breathing and grounding techniques but sometimes the anxiety is just too overwhelming. So please, share!

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This may sound strange but if my anxiety is really bad, I sit down and write a letter to myself. In that letter I go through some of the steps that I learned in CBT....what was the initial trigger, what was my reaction physically, what did I tell myself in that moment, what things do I know to be true that dispute what my anxious mind is telling me. Sometimes it works wonders and other times not so much. My therapist has encouraged me to use activities that would engage the prefrontal cortex....journaling, listing the states in ABC order on a sheet of paper, drawing. Anything that requires you to put something on paper helps to pull away from the amygdala because it can’t be as active if the prefrontal cortex is engaged.


Everyone is different you might need to try a lot of things before finding one that click. Is there something specific you enjoy doing like writing reading or listen to music. I meditate and read a lot music and books helps me greatly


I have a young adult child who has similar problem. Lately we are trying PEMF to see if it helps his anxiety and depression. We finished week one. I want to give it at least 2 weeks. I am hoping it at least helps a little. I know for me mindfulness meditation helps.. When i have time. I took a class in it and it was lovely. Sending you tons of hugs and prayers!


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