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Not here to fight!


This is getting crazy and I'm just not into it. I came here for support not to fight with a He/She or whatever. I love all and I treat people the why I want to be treated. This has gone overboard now. Anyone wants to talk to me you can PM me. I am through! To all the good people, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Will find someplace else for real support.

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hi please don't give up on here 99 percent of the people are here to help.thats what matters most.come on we all need to help each other and be more understanding of each others needs.your support to others really matters and helps.

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You are kind! My real friend on did listen and sent me a pm

Hi I am sorry you have been upset by another member. I have known this member for some time and they always try and help others. I think it is the nature of a site like this which means that disagreements sometimes arise as all of us have our own issues.

It's not worth leaving the site over it - honest. Why cut off your nose to spite your face? We are here for you and want you to get the support and help from this good site. x

Hello! I haven’t been on this site in awhile and so sorry to hear you aren’t feeling supported. There are lots more supportive people than negative ones I have encountered here.

Please hang there. I wouldn’t let a few negative interactions jade your opinion of the group. When someone doesn’t “get me” I just ignore them and move on. Unfortunately, not everyone’s opinion will resonate with you.

Focus on the people who support you. Anyone else isn’t worth your energy.

Best wishes!!

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I would focus on people you meet face to face.

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