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I'm new here; not to the struggle, but to HealthUnlocked

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I find this existence to be so strange. I see myself as a nice, warm person that cares for others--one who feels most alive when connected to people. And, yet, I find myself isolated, which is not my desire. I would like a friend to talk to, someone that understands me. I have some of those people in my life, but I find myself a burden--as if my needs are too great, and I should be grateful that I receive any attention, affection, and connection at all.

Is there anybody out there?

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I feel the exact same way. In my mind I know it’s not me but in my heart I just don’t know. I’ve been lonely for so long it’s become my norm. I was always somewhat shy but I had those few close friends so it didn’t matter. Now they have there own lives and I just sit here wondering what it is about me that I can’t find a friend. I think confidence might be good. I don’t have that. Maybe self esteem. I have none. I can only think it takes the opposite of me. I cat tell you how but if you find out I’d like to know. I think the more I’m alone the more I just get used to it. I hope you find your happiness!

Thank you for taking the time to read and respond. It hurts my heart to hear you speak of your perceived lack of confidence and self-esteem. If only by the virtue your statement, I hold you in high esteem.

I think I feel like you. Others have their lives, and somehow I found myself standing idly bye. I imagine You are somewhere empathic, as you’ve recognized my struggle as your own—our struggle.

I have come to an insight, only a month ago, that has proven useful in my life. I’d be happy to share it w you, if it is your desire.

Absolutely! I’m tired of being alone.

I read more on ur previous posts, and decided not to respond. You have an incredibly difficult existence

Hi I'm here..how are you

Fairly bleh

I think it comes and goes for sure. Most of the time I can handle it better I’ve just had some bad situations recently. I still have hope.

I was going to share with you that I’ve learned to accept some suffering in my life, instead of railing against it, and it has provided me a sense of relief.

Life is still filled with ups and downs.

That's life ..Up and down..we need both..I can relate to your post..do you want to be a little more specific..

I'm here

I'm out here. :) Also struggling. If you ever want to talk I'm here.

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