I'm new here; not to the struggle, but to HealthUnlocked

I find this existence to be so strange. I see myself as a nice, warm person that cares for others--one who feels most alive when connected to people. And, yet, I find myself isolated, which is not my desire. I would like a friend to talk to, someone that understands me. I have some of those people in my life, but I find myself a burden--as if my needs are too great, and I should be grateful that I receive any attention, affection, and connection at all.

Is there anybody out there?

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  • I feel the exact same way. In my mind I know it’s not me but in my heart I just don’t know. I’ve been lonely for so long it’s become my norm. I was always somewhat shy but I had those few close friends so it didn’t matter. Now they have there own lives and I just sit here wondering what it is about me that I can’t find a friend. I think confidence might be good. I don’t have that. Maybe self esteem. I have none. I can only think it takes the opposite of me. I cat tell you how but if you find out I’d like to know. I think the more I’m alone the more I just get used to it. I hope you find your happiness!

  • Thank you for taking the time to read and respond. It hurts my heart to hear you speak of your perceived lack of confidence and self-esteem. If only by the virtue your statement, I hold you in high esteem.

    I think I feel like you. Others have their lives, and somehow I found myself standing idly bye. I imagine You are somewhere empathic, as you’ve recognized my struggle as your own—our struggle.

    I have come to an insight, only a month ago, that has proven useful in my life. I’d be happy to share it w you, if it is your desire.

  • Absolutely! I’m tired of being alone.

  • I read more on ur previous posts, and decided not to respond. You have an incredibly difficult existence

  • Hi I'm here..how are you

  • Fairly bleh

  • I think it comes and goes for sure. Most of the time I can handle it better I’ve just had some bad situations recently. I still have hope.

  • I was going to share with you that I’ve learned to accept some suffering in my life, instead of railing against it, and it has provided me a sense of relief.

    Life is still filled with ups and downs.

  • That's life ..Up and down..we need both..I can relate to your post..do you want to be a little more specific..

  • I'm here

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