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Vitamins instead of anti depressants


Hi guys, I just thought I should share!

I understand we all have different levels of depression and anxiety however , I was( maybe still a little bit ) depressed . Couldn’t afford medication or seeing a doctor because I didn’t have Medicare so I decided to work on myself .

After lot of research , when my depression kicks in ,

I take 2 vitamins

1) Bee pollen and

2) John worts supplements

I take John work like 3 times a month (2 tablets at once).

I had severe depression and this helps me.

I get them from shops and online .

Please read about them before going for them .

I will like people to post their results and thoughts .


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I'm glad they are working for you...bee pollen is a miracle of nature for sure. B complex is a biggy for depression. Also multiple mineral. I would however read about the St. Johns Wort is that's what your also taking. It interacts with some medications.

Jayman3 in reply to fauxartist

I have never taken “anti depressants” - I only started taking bee pollen a couple of years ago. And John Wort for just over a year now so I take both .

Bee pollen mostly daily

fauxartist in reply to Jayman3

It's really awesome Jayman3 that you have taken a more natural path for depression and it's working for you. Herbs are natures gift to us, and people have used them for literally thousands of years. Pharmaceuticals are based on herbal chemistry in a big way. If this is working for you...then you are very blessed, many are not able to get enough of a benefit from herbal remedies and must take pharmaceuticals and deal with some side effects. Just remember that there can be issues with herbs too. St. Johns wort is one herb you must be weary of. I suggest you stick to what's working, but don't take more than what is recommended, and if you have to take any drugs at all for any reason down the line, just check for interactions with st. johns wort.

Jayman3 in reply to fauxartist

Ok- thank you .

I will definitely do that .

I really appreciate that

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