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New to Anti-Depressants

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my depression keep getting worse & worse. I am a restaurant manager & I put on a mask there… when I get home I’m just in this sinking sand of doom basically… so I work more so that I’m active, but now I am on the verge of burn out. I am scared to try anti depressants, but I feel that may be the right thing now. I just don’t want to experience side effects. Any advice?

11 Replies
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Hi, Koolaha! First, I am so sorry you are suffering right now. Trying medication for the first time can be scary... but so can the thought of not having things change when they are killing you. If you are fortunate to have healthcare, talk to your doctor about your concerns, they will be able to tell you about different options (not all meds work in the same way) and list the potential side effects and any worries you may have. Remember that, yes, side effects can happen, but a med is generally considered safe if it has remained on the market. There is no shame in meds (I'm a big tough Marine and I am first to tell you, once I let go of my own placed stigma on it, meds have made a big difference and I'm glad I tried them), you just have to start that conversation with a trusted medical professional. Keep your head up! There is a light at the other end of the tunnel, you may just be a little turned around. Talk to your doc and keep us posted. You can get through this!

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Also, most side effects are minimal and not so bad. Light nausea maybe, headache, most people I know on meds (that's plenty) have minimal or no side effects.

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I fought going on antidepressants for a long time, but now I'd be lost without them. I can't tell you that you won't have side effects, a lot of medicines do. The thing that you need to understand though is that taking them will not make you all happy. A lot of people think that and go off too soon. They just take the edge of, so you can get through the day or make good choices. Remember, you deserve a better life than this. I hope you are in therapy as well, because know that's how I was able to get stronger. Think of it as taking an antibiotic or some other medicine. I hope you feel better, you are worth it!

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Arymretep in reply to Dusty1234

Good post, antidepressants won’t cure you but they help you get through whatever you are going through

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This, if you take meds without doing the therapy you have much harder chance of getting better. They can teach you strategies to be resilient or help you understand what is going on. Just depends on your situation. There is no magic pill.

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Thank you guys! I have been in therapy for over a year, but I do not have a doctor. I’m even scared to get one. No insurance & money is tight… but I am willing to do the work. I have so many self help books & tools… I just can’t seem to get out of bed & get motivated.

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lark13 in reply to Koolaha27

Hi. For me it was finding the right doctor and the right medication. I had been on Paxil after trying a lot of other meds, and this one seems to work for me, including after a traumatic event. I also started to use some special Essential Oils which, along with the medication, have helped transform me to a place where even my psychiatrist was amazed at how much better I was! He said he had never seem me that good, after years of working with me.

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AnonymousUsername13 in reply to Koolaha27

That's my issue, no insurance, not much money. Everyone says you need to find the right psychiatrist (for debilitating anxiety/panic attacks), so that means potentially lots of appointments, lots of fees for each attempt, which makes me put it off. I've tried all of the low income methods in my state, & none offer help unless u are suicidal, sadly. Hopefully everything works out for u. My normal doctor gives me antidepressants, & they have really helped me. I don't have any side effects that i know of, so it may be worth trying for u.

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Try the Wim Hof guided breathing exercises free on you tube. Get 40 minutes of cardio exercise daily. And here is the game changer., take a 5 minute pure cold shower or bath daily. Or plunge in a lake etc. It releases chemicals in the brain. You tube has all the information you need to ease into it. A 65-70 degree bath for 15 minutes. Then lower the temperature a few degrees per week. Or the same thing with the shower if baths are not an option. Bath or plunge is better and easier then the shower.

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That sucks but I'm with ya meds honestly help side effects happen but you get over them with time but you should do things that you enjoy to keep occupied not constantly work

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I have fought depression my whole life, often slipping into the darkness for long agonizing periods. I am writing now to share a treatment I recently completed. Let me first explain that though I said it is new, it was only new to me, there is clinical research that has proven to it be successful for treatment of depression and anxiety and is acknowledged and approved by most insurance providers. It is called TMS, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. I encourage you to do your own research on it and decide for yourself. All I can do is give a testimonial to it's effectiveness as well as state I have met many people who have benefitted and swear by TMS. I used a facility that was run by a psychiatrist who was very involved and committed to the treatment. I don't know if that makes a difference but it was a very positive experience. I went from being clinically depressed and struggling to being mildly depressed and functional once again. That is the number one reason I am sharing; I can't stand the thought of anyone suffering through the kind of pain I endured because of depression without sharing the hope and positive results I now know to be possible. One last thing before I stop, I have been fighting depression for more than 50 years so this "new lease on life", this feeling of enjoying life again is very hard earned and I give thanks everyday!

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