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Anyone had any luck with anti-depressants?


Anyone had any luck with anti-depressants? Care to share your experience of medications of choice, positive effects, side effects, etc?

In my own experience, I was on an SSRI after my father died but it was mostly prescribed to curtail my anxiety (fear of death of self or loved one resulting in irrational and antisocial behavior). I've often found that for myself depression mostly takes work on my part to change behaviors and self destructive habits and thoughts, to remove myself from triggers, and to be proactive about self care and self love. The meds can help but the sufferer has to put in the work (sounds daunting just writing it out!). So, I'm just wondering if I should plough through or get some help from modern science.

Thank you in advance for your responses.

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Hi Theresa,

I used to think that meds didn't work for me. I had been on about 6 different antidepressants and never really experienced any benefits. I also had some horrible side effects, particularly on SSRIs which gave me night terrors and cold sweats. I had beta blockers and diazepam to help with anxiety, but these were only ever a short term fix.

About 5 years ago, I had a psychiatric medication review and was put on mirtazipine and it has helped me so much. As you say, you still have to put the work in, but it's really improved my sleep and cognitive symptoms and lifted my mood enough that I can do the things I need to get better. The only side effect I have experienced with it is weight gain.

With medication now, my attitude is generally what do I have to lose? There isn't much that's worse than the depths of depression.

Hope you manage to come to a decision and that hearing others' experiences helps.

Theresa12a in reply to everyrose

It seems many of the drugs do cause weight gain and a slew of other neurological side effects. But I do understand that these are often less crippling and detremental than the depression/anxiety itself. I appreciate your honesty and openness in sharing your journey.

Sounds like you are on the right track with being proactive. But with depression sometimes medication is necessary due to a chemical imbalance. I would recommend you see a psychiatrist and discuss your situation and see if medication is the right answer. It took me over a year to find the right medication for me. Even with that there were triggers I couldn't control and had two more severe episodes of depression. Over 20 years I have been on and off medication. Mostly on. Now I have decided it is better to be on medication and not spiral as much. I am on Wellbutrin. I has worked well for me. One doctor explained to me depression is an illness like diabetes you need to take medication to keep the illness under control. As you mentioned medication alone won't be the only healing factor. As you said you have to work at it by finding your triggers, doing things you like to do, taking control of those negative thoughts, and surrounding yourself with those who encourage you like this forum. Knowing you are not alone and there are others who understand is a great encouragement. I will be praying for you. Please continue to share. Hugs!

Thank you and hugs to you also!

I’ve taken 7 different anti depressants over the past 12 years and it took 5-6 yrs to find a combo that keep me relatively stable. Even now medication isn’t a solution on its own but, as has already been said, it gives you a base to build on. You’re absolutely right that the hard work has to come from yourself and it sounds like you are open to it which is great. I’d suggest you stick with the meds and add in some talking therapy for a double pronged attack on this affliction. Good luck with your recovery.

Theresa12a in reply to Stella180

Thank you Stella. Observing a trend that it's not a quick fix as finding the right drug is a challenge in and of itself. But knowing that many folks find what works for them eventually is very encouraging.

Hi Theresa, some of us have to have prescription meds. everyone is different, I've tried the natural stuff (but be careful with those too) it's not always natural as the label said some of them you can also have side effects, not only they can be expensive they also may not work, Had tried those natural with no help, but again everyone body is different , I have sister in law that refuses to get off her Paxil. I had great results with Paxil for many years and was very happy with. But after a while it stop working for me, I guess that's just the way it is....I trying Prozac now for 11/2 weeks I hope this I the right medication for me, just have to wait and see 💛

I think they keep me from the real low valleys. After awhile my body builds resistance and then I have to switch meds.

That is my experience.


I won't be using anti depressants again, I think I am better off without them

Been taking Celexa for years , but it was starting to ‘poop out’, as is common with SSRIs , after time. I recently ended up as an inpatient after some traumatic life circumstances. It was there that they doubled my Celexa and put me on Wellbutrin. This combo has been a Godsend. Very few minor side effects. I also exercise and eat well , which makes self care complete for me. Give meds a shot... just be patient took me a few tries with other meds before I found the right ones. Good luck.

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