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Feeling awful!


I just got back a few days ago from a wonderful vacation with my son and his family. Seeing my 2 grandkids was fabulous. Girl is going to be 3 in May and boy going to be 1 in May. It was such a great time and made some good memories but now my depression and anxiety are over the top. I don't want to feel like this! I know they will be back in Dec. but I wish they could be here all the time. With them around I have no problems sleeping and feel pretty good. I'm back to not wanting to go out for even caring about myself.

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Hi there! I think I kind of know what you mean. Sometimes I will have such a good time with someone, or some people, and be happy and over the moon, and then when that ends it throws me into a dark place. For instance, I am always so happy when I am at school and interacting with people there and reading and engaging and being a part of something. But for the rest of the week, I often tend to isolate myself after and feel like no one likes me. Have you tried branching out socially or picking up a new hobby? Sometimes I also finds it helps to create a schedule. But I also understand how hard it is to pick yourself up when you feel like this. It is not just easy to pick yourself up. But for me I just try to focus on the fact that I know eventually I will feel better, and that this feeling will pass. In the meantime, this site is about making connections with people who are similar. So feel free to chat or talk or get anything off your chest. We're all here for each other! :)

Hello. "Postpartum depression" is the pits, isn't it? Are you able to "skype" on your computer with theirs? I have friends who do this frequently; even though your grandchildren are young, and their attention span is very short, they will be puzzled at first, but you can tell them this is your special phone call to them. Hey, this worth a try....particularly once you know what is a good time to talk and see each other.....or read a short book to the 3-year-old. There are better systems than "skype" now but I am not familiar with that.

Am envious. Don't have grandchildren. Hope this suggestion helps, Grandpa. xx :)

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We do try to skype once a week and my granddaughter loves it. Most of the time their service in North Africa is awful so we can only talk but she sings to me and says her numbers and alphabet. When the skype is working she runs around with the phone to show me everything. Thank you for your help!

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You are very welcome, and I am very envious. :)

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I sent you a private message when I realized we have an issue at one time.

I'm sorry your missing them, but am glad you had a great vacation. Maybe there is some outside activity you can get involved with. Spring is coming, a gardening club, some volunteer work, women's groups like book clubs, ....may help if you stay busy doing positive things that also make you happy.

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I do love to get out in my garden to take care of all my plants. It seems everything I do, I do alone. I have a good friend with my same issues and we do try maybe once a month to get together but that really depends on her husbands schedule since she has a 25 year old son with special needs. Thank you!

Hi gardening is a solitary occupation and you need to get out and mix more with others. I live on my own but have set routines in place so I can be with others. I have a few friends I see regularly and I also belong to an over 50's group.

I volunteer at a charity shop too which I love. You need to stop being so isolated and make friends. x

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I know I need to do that and do plan to take tiny steps to get out. Like all, I have good days and bad but being around others is hard for me. I just feel safe when my son is around. Ok it is spring but we have snow so will try to get out more when the weather is warmer.

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