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My mom passed when i was 2 i was in a car crash with her, i lived, my grandma helped raise me but she just past away she meant the world to me now shes gone. i'm sad all the time and i cry every day and night, i don't wanna be here anymore i'm only 20 and i wanna die to see them one last time i don't know what to do i don't wanna be alone.

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when my grandma passed away i changed completely and have never been the same, thats the hardest thing to go through, but please dont lose hope, you've made it this far and im sure youre a beautiful person, losing the people i love in my life has taught me to cherish every moment with the ppl i still have and to put everything away and live in that moment with them. you are not alone, though you may feel alone emotionally and/or physically there are people who care and would do anything for you, sometimes they are just hard to find. And dont ever feel bad for crying bc, crying is okay and its a natural reaction for your body to calm your pain.

people who care are especially hard to find when you're going through something as hard as this, its like trying to drive in blinding fog and rain but you should to try open yourself up instead of hiding and just trying to make your mom and grandma proud of what they've made (you)

You're always welcome here to let us know how you're feeling, so you're never completely alone.

I know it's terrible to lose a loved one like that. You have every right to grieve your loss. But you mother and grandmother want you to have your life, too. They want you to have a full, rich life. I'm sure they want that for you more than anything.

It may not seem like it now, but this terrible sadness will pass. Then you can become the person that they both want you to be. You can have the life they wanted you to have. That will be your way of thanking them!

I'll keep you in my prayers. You can message me anytime.

Hi my name is Endeavour and i am so very sorry that you are having a real tough time of it i have been though a lot as well my dad died when i was 14 he was 36 and my brother died in 2016 it will be the second Anniversary on April 3rd he went and they found him on the 21st June 2016. I am still Devastated i finding it really hard to cope with my Dad died in the April of 1985 on my brother's birthday. my Dad and my brother both took their Lives. It is so hard to come to terms with specially with brother's death being in the same month as my Dad's death.

I Am always here to talk if you need to again i do sympathize with you



I can’t imagine what it’s like for you to lose your grandma when you are so young, especially since she was like a mother to you. It is very hard to lose someone you are close to. You are grieving and it is very painful. Do you have friends and family you can reach out to and talk to? It helps to be around others. Also, Journaling might be helpful so you can can write down all your emotions and thoughts on paper. Journaling helps me and you can rip it up if you’re afraid someone else will read it. You probably don’t feel like exercising, but it will help improve your mood too. I also think you should consider going to your doctor and see if you need to be on antidepressants and ask if you can be referred to a counselor. If you can’t afford a counselor, there are grief support groups that you could go to. Your grandma loved you and would want you to take care of yourself and get help while you go through this difficult time. We also care about you and are here for you when you need us. Please, don’t suffer through this alone.

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