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Looking for advice

To provide a bit of context, I am a senior in the last semester of my college career & the workload I have is not ideal as many people in my situation take easier electives to have a carefree and easy final semester (this was not an option for me, though). As such, my anxiety has skyrocketed and coupled with high stress levels - you could imagine how difficult it is to enjoy life as graduation is just shy of 2 months away. This is so because when I am not in class, I am doing homework - whether that be daily homework assignments or projects. I found myself overtime becoming more and more depressed because I am not having any fun my last semester, I have been isolating myself from my friends, and I am constantly feeling alone in this world. I feel like I am so terrible at making good friends because the majority of the friends that I have made over the course of my college career have not really had an interest in supporting me during difficult times, or even ask me how I have been, especially now that I have been distant. So now I find myself with only a few true friends (ok maybe one true friend). And of course I think its all about quality over quantity, but as my final spring break approaches - I have pushed that thought to the wayside. This is so because I am not doing anything for my spring break, I am not the kind of person who enjoys that typical "Cancun" style trip like many of my 'friends' are doing - and I really had no one else to seek out to plan a trip with. I have been so depressed and quite frankly embarrassed by the fact that I am not doing anything as it makes it seem like I have no friends, I am not fun, etc. Without ranting on too much (because lets be real, I could vent for hours), I will ask this of all of you - does anyone have any advice for the situation I find myself in? Whether that be to put things into perspective, how to cope, what I could do differently - anything would be helpful.

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If it were me, I would keep in mind that my entire social situation will change a in few months anyway, because I'm graduating and entering the work force. If most of your college friends were the fair-weather type, then good riddance to them! You'll be meeting an entirely different group of people where you work. It will the ideal opportunity to start over.


I always try to remind myself of this fact. But god damn is it hard sometimes - especially when you aren't there yet so that gets overshadowed by how things are in this moment


When I was in college (long ago), my semester took forever to get through, with all the work involved. I do sympathize, but it will end eventually, and you'll have a new chapter to write.

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