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Viibryd worked for anyone?

Hi..I'm 40 years old and suffering from anxiety and depression since my teens. I also have A.D.D and fibro. It seems I have been on every antidepressant known with no avail...benzos worked for the anxiety but I cannot take them anymore due to addiction. They have now put me on Viibryd and my anxiety has gone through the roof. I have started supplements for anxiety and depression and so far no improvement. I also have A Sun lamp for vitamin D and even this is not helping. I was wondering if this Viibryd has been a success to others? I feel like I'm out of options as to what can help.

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I am on my third week of Viibryd so I am very interested in hearing from others too. You might be interested in the user reviews of Viibryd here:

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