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Klonopin help please

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Does anyone know how long it's supposed to take to work? I've had treatment resistant depression for 20yrs. Just started viibryd but my anxiety is unbearable. 24/7 panic attack and can't sleep. Dr gave me .5mg twice/day yesterday but hasn't done anything. I do nothing but cry. Anyone have any ideas. I'm desperate. Thanks

10 Replies
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Did you talk to your doctor? If you're worsening call him/her asap. If its the same, may want to try it longer. I've gotten bad reactions at times. Its normal.

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Hi it’s Shnookie. I’ve been taking Klonopin for some time. Usually it calms me down and causes me to fall asleep. I take my klonopin b 4 I go to sleep at night because I can’t drive with them at the beginning of their potency. May take a little while for it to kick in. Please contact your doctor. I’m here 4 U hugs 🤗 S ❤️🙏💪🤓😎

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Try other ways of relaxing until you can see your doctor again. Listen to calming music, take a long bath or shower, know that I care even though I don't know you.

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Little confused. Did you start viibryd or klonopin? I take viibryd. Unfortunately it works well. Unfortunately because it is stupidly expensive and not available in most foreign countries. It evened out the rough spots and I have no fogginess, weight gain or other side effects. In fact the only side effect is I only lost my weekly craving for wine.

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Thanks everyone for your support. I started viibryd and klonopin at the same time. Waiting for klonopin to kick in has been agony. Tried doing the typical relaxing techniques but doesn't work. Nobody can tell me how long it takes. Can't handle the anxiety. I think the viibryd is starting (slowly) to work but can't tell with the anxiety. Might do inpatient hospital stay to regulate.

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Daveacr1959 in reply to Joshgw

I’ve been in klonopin since 1995 for my anxiety. Takes an hour to work. Probably a couple days to get in your system at proper levels. I take one pill every 8 hours. Other things I do are get 45 minutes of daily cardio exercise to produce endorphins that battle your anxiety. And I take a 5-10 minute pure cold shower daily. Google cold shower therapy for mental health. These 2 things actually help the klonopin work better. By using my own brain chemistry to battle anxiety. It’s supposed to work on depression too. I started taking 2 cold showers a day it’s so helpful. It takes a couple weeks to get used to it. But then you are addicted. To the calm and relaxed that comes after. The shock of cold water and deep breathing, releases chemicals in the brain by 500 percent. Dopamine, endorphins, it balances adrenaline and cortisol

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Amaya07 in reply to Daveacr1959

That is so wild! I have always prefered a cool or cold shower and no idea why !After what you posted it makes, sense must help with my depression and body knows !😃

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Blueruth in reply to Joshgw

Seems crazy to start them together. Most SSRI’S take a little while. I think benzos make you sleepy and relaxed. I don’t think they take long. Not days.

Patience is needed, as difficult as this can be, especially when you find yourself in a troubling state.

You say you just started both meds at the same time, may I ask how many days it has been so far?

Disregard the question, I re-read your post and see that you started yesterday. So yes, it will take a few days to feel the full effect. 💗

Klonopin usually helps more with anxiety, not depression. I find it helps before I go to bed or if I am having a really bad panic attack. Definitely give it a chance. Maybe you can add something like Abilify to the antidepressant medication. XX

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