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Looking for advise with being more social

HI all,

Do you guys ever feel like your mind is so foggy and like you can't think properly or don't know what to say or how tl interact with people.

Now that I am trying to grasp a healthier clean mindset and a healthy fulfilling lifestyle I am staying away substances that i would use to avoid and geel the void of loliness and sadness. As I am becoming more independent and having to face lifes challenges and obstacles it is very hard, scary, and anxiety provoking but I already made a lot of progress so going back to my previous habits would just worsen the progression of moving forward. I do struggle witb a neurological disabilty called NVLD (non-verbal learning disability) and interferes with me socially and is a huge cause of my social anxcity it also interfers academics/organizing skills. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or feedback on how i can Interact with people without crossing the line and coming off cool. Sometimes I talk to much or I don't know what to say and come off really awkward. I Also sometimes feel like I talk to much about my mental illness and don't know how to say it in a vauge manner or coming up with other topics. I also take things too literal due to my NVLD Lastly knowing how to say no to guys and playing hard to get lol sorry took a little bit of a turn there haha

I just feel not like myself lately and i havn't been myself lately my social anxciety has taking quite the toll on me.

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