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Need advice... im losing it

This is new to me and im not sure where to start. I am just looking for someone I can relate to. I have been diagnosed with severe anxiety and clinical depression. I was prescribed xanax and lexapro but eventually stopped taking them because the lexapro did nothing for me and i became so dependant on the xanax that i would take 2 at a time and my panic attacks were so frequent that i was just popping them left and right. I am currently prescription free but its taking a toll on me. I dont know if i was just prescribed something that the dr i seen just thought i needed or if there is something else that will actually help me. The xanax would calm me down but basically just make me feel numb until it wore off and then it was back to my usual racing thoughts. Its so bad that i vomit every morning when i wake up from the mere thought of the stress i know i will endure at work, i constantly sweat even in a cold office, i cannot focus on one single task, my mind is consumed with playing out worse case scenarios from getting robbed to my car flying off a bridge that i am literally on edge all day and night. My mother was diagnosed with bipolar disorder as well as schizophrenia and im wondering if maybe i was misdiagnosed.

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Sounds like you may also have OCD obsessive compulsive disorder. I may have this too . I also have suffered from anxiety and dpression for yrs it is not easy to deal with. I hope you find the help you need


I'm sorry your having such a hard time, but your not alone, many of us here have the same issues. You may need a different antidepressant than the lexapro, it took me a good few different ones before I finally started feeling better. I take lexapro...and it works for me, but it took a good couple of weeks to kick in, then the dosage had to be upped, but now I am okay. Xanax is addictive, so no, I can't take it, plus like you said, it only works for a short while.


Hi there...I'm an anxiety and chronic pain sufferer and I have turned into a recluse basically. If you want to chat sometime I'm here. It says we are about 33 miles away.


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