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Happy Valentines Day right??

My heart is so heavy today with this shooting in Florida. My OCD is controlling and taking over my mind. I have a child starting school next year. How am I supposed to send my baby out into the world, out to a public school where he is supposed be be protected and safe when there are monsters on the loose? EVIL humans that think it's okay to take a life. An innocent child. Every channel is live news of it and I can't escape it. My son is asking me if everyone is okay and I have to lie to protect his innocence. The worst part is that I believe this trend is just going to keep rising and now that the Vegas shooter has set the "bar" at an all time high, now you are going to have the people that do these kinds of things trying to beat out the last record. It's devastating and terrifying and these are the things I have nightmares about and they are happening every day all around me. I swear every day that goes by makes me want to leave the house less and less. I only leave about 3 times a month as it is now....... Dear Lord please give me strength to be strong for my child and Bless the families and friends off all those affected by these useless, cowardly, evil acts. Amen and Amen.

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It is tragic and sad that this has now become a norm in schools that they have "shooter drills" included with "fire drills". I too think of the families destroyed as well as the emotional impact on the innocent who are left behind. What is the answer ?


Exactly. When I was growing up in Oregon we have fire and earthquake drills. Not active shooter drills. I imagine that nuke drills will be next. I'm too young to have gone through that, but I hope they figure something better out than hiding under a desk. :( Society is circling the drain it seems.

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