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Hello everyone:

So here is some piano playing because I know I haven't posted in a while.

Overall, feels more manageable. I've been meditating and doing some deep breathing. That helps.

Also, while I was meditating, I felt a small bug on my forearm. When I woke up, I had forgotten that it was there.

Moral of the story: The anxiety will pass without us knowing. We will finally immerse ourselves in the here and now and our fears will go.

Love to all of you from within and without.

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Thank you Igehami, listening to your playing has made me unwind from the day. I now will do my meditation and deep breathing before going to bed. I really enjoy listening to you. Goodnight x

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Hi Igehami! Been thinking of you. Hope all is well. I

Love listening to your music! ❤️


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