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What do you enjoy in nature?

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The only time I feel at peace is when I am outside. There have been heat advisories the last several days and again today so it's hard to be outside. I go out in the morning before it gets too hot. When I do I sit quietly and pay close attention to the sights and sounds around me. This morning I watched two hummingbirds, the squirrels jumping from tree to tree and some butterflies. I listened to the birds and my wind chimes. Just enough to get me through the hottest part of the day while I'm stuck inside. Curious to know what others enjoy since we are from different parts of the country and the world. My meditating gnome helps too.

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I like to look at the stars and find constellations. That may be a good outside activity to avoid the heat.

A great idea. I already go out at dusk to watch the fireflies.

I love your mediating gnome!!

I am in a country that has been able to re-open all the way, so I can enjoy my normal activities again! I enjoy taking classes at my gym, going for walks and doing my cross stitch.

Btw, those tomatoes look really good!

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I named my gnome Namaste. The tomatoes are Tumbling Tom cherry tomatoes. They grow well especially in hanging baskets and are wonderful and sweet. I try to get some every year. By the time they finish ripening our larger tomatoes begin.

a bit like me only ever feel free and relaxed when I`m far away from home.

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Far away and near the ocean. I am lucky to have a large yard and a big deck. I find my peace there. I sit between two wind chimes, clear my mind and simply watch and listen.

simple beauty

Sounds lovely i like to sit out but under shelter when it raining i find it so relaxing 😊

I love listening to the rain. It is relaxing. But sitting on the deck and paying attention to the sights and sounds around me helps.

Love the buddah gnome and jealous of your tomatoes.....I find watching my fish is really relaxing

Have never been much of a fish person. I enjoy watching them sometimes though. The tomatoes are Tumbling Tom cherry tomatoes. They can be grown in hanging baskets and are easy to grow. I like having them because once they have finished ripening the regular tomato plants start to ripen. I named the gnome Namaste. Found him online at the Home Depot website. Just a little reminder to slow down and enjoy the moment.

Look at those tomatoes. Very nice. 👍 Gnome watching over your garden worked.

Hummingbirds while I’m sitting inside is fun to watch. Way too hot to get outside right now.

In cooler weather on early morning runs before sun up (I live in the country) seeing deer cross the Street and lots of bunny rabbits. My crazy chocolate lab actually caught a rabbit and brought it to me once. That was a sad day unfortunately. 😥😥

There are some very spoiled turkey and peacocks that live in the wild up the street, I see them on occasion if I run up that way.

Also a horse trainer lives behind me, at certain times in the morning they come close to the fence. I’ve posted my hummingbirds and horse pics before here.

I’m moving to the woods in a few weeks, I’ll have a lot more of this I’m sure minus the horses. 💜🌺

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Can't wait to see photos of what the woods bring.

I am now lying in my garden and listening to the sound of wind chimes. I can relax, as the gentle breezes create a pleasant and calm impression. Adding bells to the porch adds an element of sound to the design and creates interest. The sound is like a gentle melody that calms and relaxes. They move with the slightest breeze. The sound reminds you of a tropical paradise with cool ocean breezes. I found them thanks to the review here windchimesguide.com/reviews...

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NertGert, I'm going to have to take a listen. Sounds inviting :) xx

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Thanks for sharing. I keep the wind chimes up until they end up breaking off a tube or two. Even in the winter if the house is quiet I can hear them inside especially when I'm in the kitchen or dining room.

I love the birds chirping ❤️😊

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