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Decided that I won't be going back to the call center.

I know It's just been a week since I have been in the phone. Yeah the computer work has been easy but me talking on the phone no. I left work crying on Sunday. I feel so anxious even the simple explanations on the phone is so complicated. Right now i don't even care if I lose my car. A job is not worth the stress. Having a headache for 8 hours, feeling nervous all day and the heat in my face is not a good feeling. Now I'm worried that hopefully I have enough money to hold on until the next job comes along. I feel really bad but its for the best. Today I went to the social security office and they told me that they were gonna deny the claim for disability because I have to be without working.

My next problem is when I tell my parents. They are gonna be upset at me. I just wish life was not so complicated for me.

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Gaby85, I will be the first to agree with you in how difficult it is to have a job requiring being on the phone. Worst thing for anxiety. My head use to get so much pressure in it, that like you, I would get tension headaches. It's not worth it. I would be happy to vouch for you if your parents don't understand. :) xx

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The headaches are horrible. And feeling hot all day is not a good feeling.Thank you for vouching for me. You are right is not worth it.

Working at a call center is what triggered my first panic attack at 19! They’re brutal.

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Yeah they are. I think I rather work in a store and deal with customers there. Than on the phone. I just feel that if I stay I'm gonna have an anxiety attack

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It’s not worth it. The constant incoming calls w no break isn’t good for anxiety. A lot of the calls are people that are upset so ur on edge. The atmosphere adds to it because a lot of people are cramped in small spaces etc. at least that’s how it was for me.

Hello Gaby85. You tried to apply for social security disability. You were turned away because you were working. It's a bit more involved than that. Do you have a doctor you're seeing and is willing to state you are not able to work for mental or other reasons? If you were trying to apply for unemployment at the state office, if you are still working and if you leave without being laid off or fired, you would not qualify for unemployment benefits and you need to have been working some time too.

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I do have a doctor. And it's only been a month since I started working. At this point I rather just leave I'm not looking into getting any unemployment.

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Understand. But I suggest you talk with your doctor before you leave that job so he/she can document if there was a good mental or emotional reason for you leaving. You need to have that type of documentation if you decide to try to get Social Security Disability benefits. Unless you went to the Social Security for benefits based on other reasons.

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Thanks for the information.

The last 9 months have been difficult for me with jobs as well. I had 7 different jobs! I do horrible with people because of my personality and anxiety.

A call center, in my opinion, is the worst kinda job someone with anxiety can have.

I really wish you the best of luck and I know as long as you don’t give up you’ll find the right fit for you.

It took me time, but I found s job where I do t have to deal with phones and customers. I can actually go to work and do my job while having headphones on so I can listen to music or audio books. So maybe you can find something like that in your area. So it’s kinda perfect.

I’ll keep wishing the best for you.

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Thank you for your best wishes. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Gaby, Your parents do not seem to be very understanding people. Working at a calling center is a miserable job. You should tell them of your feelings and ask them to help you find a better job. Maybe they will come around if you make it clear as you did with us why you hate that job. That’s what I did with my daughter and it worked out well.

Good luck, Howard

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No they are not understanding at all. For them it's all about money. I haven't been able to help them. So they remind of the bills at the house. We live in Mexico and we make dollars. Its cheap!! But still....

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