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Panic Attack

I moved recently and have been busy with work. I’ve been okay. I almost felt like I was leaving my depression behind. Everything fell new and good at least for a few weeks. Today out of nowhere I had a giant panic attack: shaking, heart palpitations, headache, tears... It was awful. I don’t even know what caused it. I don’t know what’s inside that is making me feel this. Now I feel like the past couple of weeks haven’t been me getting better, but just me swallowing my emotions and distracting myself from them. I feel defeated.

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I hate when that happens just try to control your breathing. Hope you get better


Honey no the past weeks were not a total loss, my therapist used to say to me don’t ever think of recovery as a linear process, there will be set backs and it’s okay. God only knows what the hell is happening inside our brain, I personally gave up finding an answer to that question after 8 years of struggle, it could be chemical some neurons firing off, it could be a subconscious memory, whatever it is who cares, the important thing is you got through it, yes you are healing, no the past weeks weren’t gone in vain


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