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Anxiety and Depression sux!

Hey! My name is Kona, 46y/o, my husband suffers with anxiety and depression! Our entire 24 yrs of marriage has been consumed with this disease! I love my husband and I hate watching this war. He has not been on any medication or seen a doctor in about 4 yrs because of the treatment he received. Now I am searching for a psychiatrist to hopefully get him back to that man I know and love !

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Hi Kona, welcome to the forum. first of all, thank you for having been by his side despite the hardships. You give many of us hope that there are people who are willing to stay by our sides no matter what. It can be so very hard to support and love someone with these type of issues. What type of treatment did he receive 4 years ago? I think it sounds good to find a proper psychiatrist to have a more in depth investigation. I do believe in CBT and councillors, but there is a limit where you have to proceed to the next level. You are more than welcome to share what it's been like to live with and love someone with Depression /anxiety. I think it may give us all a bit of insight into what that must be like and I am sure you can gives us a new angle to consider whilst on our individual journeys. Take Care!


You deserve an applause !!! This is what love is, staying by someone who suffers like this! Don't give up , there is help out there for him! Keep up the wonderful job you are doing, I know it's not easy! I wish you all the best!

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