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Hi I’m new to this and a bit nervous.

I’ve suffered with anxiety most my life and never got any support for it (20 yrs old now). I’ve recently been diagnosed with severe depression and finding it hard to cope with. My friends and family are not supportive at all which came as quite a shock to me as they are normally supportive. They just told me to grow up and get over it and that I was too old to be dealing with anxiety and my life was too good to have depression. Lack of sleep, motivation and apetite is really having an affect on me. Was just wondering how you manage to cope with it. Thank you for listening to me

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I can relate to family and friends not understanding. If they have ever been through it they do not understand it. The best thing for me was getting on the right meds, going through six weeks of group therapy, and finding the right individual therapist for me. Also finding this place for support has helped because everyone here understands and is here for you. We all support you!

jossgoss in reply to SueSue13

Thank you it is nice to know I’m not alone and it can get better. It’s just so hard at the moment to see a way forward

SueSue13 in reply to jossgoss

It is hard to see at the moment that there is a way to move forward. Believe me I get stuck in a bad place all the time. Being on here has helped me and everyone has been so supportive and kind.

Keep your head up! ❤️

I’m 55 now, and have been in therapy and on meds off and on for about 30 years. It’s true that people who haven’t been through it really don’t understand. The best thing in the world for me is meeting other people who have been through this.

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I also like the support in this are you now?

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I’m doing a lot better now. I’m working a 12 Step program, and am making good progress.

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What is a 12 step program?

Kat63 in reply to Hidden

The first one was Alcoholics Anonymous, but now there are a lot of different ones for different problems.

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Good luck!

I’m sorry you have not had the support you’ve needed.

I too have experienced this with family.

It can be surprisingly hurtful.

I’m sorry for your pain & I hope we can all find the support we’re lacking in our physical lives, here.

jossgoss in reply to brokenlight

Thank you for your understanding. I really hope we can

My family doesn’t understand either. I used to talk to them but it just felt like it made me feel worse, so I get it. I don’t think they understand sometimes and want to sweep it under the rug. But what you’re feeling is real and deserves to be supported. I hope you can find someone in your life who you can open up to.

jossgoss in reply to kelsruby90

That is so relatable. Thank you I hope I do. It’s too hard to fight it alone

Hi there,

Oh, I am so sorry for what you are going through. What you are feeling is real and nothing you have done has caused you to feel this way. My son and I have both had anxiety and depression at different times in our lives. My son continues to work through the effects that those feelings have had on his physical health, and he has learned some valuable coping techniques from visiting with a psychologist. Have you thought about seeing a psychologist to help you work through how you are feeling? I remember my son telling me that exercise was one of the things that made him feel better. Are you able to get out for some walks or attend a gym?

What helped me was prayer, listening to Christain music, reading the Bible, and surrounding myself with positive people. It helps to have good moral support. Have you checked with your doctor’s office to see if there is a support group that you might be able to network with?

I am sure thinking of you and hope you start to feel better!

Hello thank you so much for responding. There are times where I do feel pathetic and it’s like my fault. I have thought about getting help but I’m so nervous and bad at talking I’m not sure how it would go. I will definitely try exercise. A support group is a good idea but I’m not sure if I would be able to go

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