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Feel the fear and did it anyway

Maybe because my stomach gets upset with different food after four weeks of force feeding and small portions, but my anxiety is worse.

Nevertheless I drove the car to drop off a letter. The roads were quiet so I am really cross with myself for getting into a panic at a maximum wait of about a minute at a set of traffic lights.

I am supposed to be returning to tutor at the beginning of February. Feel like I am back to square one. As I say I may be jittery due to my food issues. It is just so soul destroying when you set yourself up for failure. I know you have to embrace the anxiety and not fight it. So hard when all you want to do is run and flee.

Any advice please?

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I can relate , when my anxiety goes up I have no desire to eat! Maybe try something that is really easy to digest. I wish you the best! Here for you if you need me! XXX


Thank you. You too. Not sure I will be a great help but I am here if needed. Just trying a sandwich with some soup. A two course banquet.x


Well you go! Peace be with you! XXX


Thank you for your kindness.


Hi one of my sisters suffers from GAD and agoraphobia and has found it very difficult to eat normally for many years now. She has build drinks which really help. She said she can't have any food unless it is smooth with no lumps in as she feels she is choking and she can't swallow it. She drinks a lot of smooth drinks like orange juice, ice cream and strangely enough Mars bars. She can eat bran flakes as well.

I hope this helps and you find some answers. x


Thank you so very much.

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You are very welcome. x


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