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My life is not my own

Hi everyone, my anxiety has got so bad. It’s amazing to me that 5 years ago I could do anything, go anywhere. But now.. if it wasn’t for my gorgeous doggie and walking him 4 times a day, I would be unable to leave the house. I am agoraphobic and I worry that I’m gonna have a heart attack my panic is so intense sometimes. It would be so easy to give up. I’ve tried to discribe how I feel but I’m not even scratching the surface. I hope you all are having an ok day and coping well. I’m gonna go, as this is giving me a headache trying to convey my situation and just not finding the right words. Take care everyone xxxx

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Hey there,

It can be so difficult to describe what you are feeling. It all seems so complex and intricate and impossible to put into words. There are quite a few people on here that have anxiety especially around illness and sudden critical body failures. There is someone who wrote about fear of falling asleep and never waking and someone who didn't want to leave the house because they were afraid they wouldn't find their way back. My heart goes out to you as you must be so tired with this kind of thoughts. I must be so exhausting on so many took me years to even start explaining my depression to others. I was convinced nobody would ever really understand my super complex emotions but I have found that there are quite a lot of people out there that understand. They may surprise you if given a chance. We are always here to listen and support! :) Take Care


Hope you are ok? You are not alone as there are so many who are going through similar things. Just know we are all here for you if you need to talk. Stay strong and take care X


You are not alone, I am going through officially the worst relapse of my life. Are you seeing any therapist or taking any medication? Other than that my advice to you is take it one day at a time


Thankyou everyone who replied to me and thankyou for all the lovely things you wrote. I will take on board your advice, take care xxxxx


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