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Low Self Esteem and acne

Hi Guys,

I hope you are all doing well.

I frequently find myself late at night about to go to sleep looking at myself in the mirror. I have some acne, and because of my genetics I get spot marks that last for many months.

This usually leads to a cycle of negative thinking. Like I think oh shit I have a couple new spots. Oh shit now Im even less attractive. Oh shit now I have no chance of a girl finding me sexy. Oh shit now Ill be alone forever and not be able to fully enjoy my life.

This is clearly an unhealthy thought pattern, but its difficult to overcome. I have low self esteem, and this is just one mamifestation of it.

Will I have difficulty being happy and living a full life if I am not attractive and have acne?

Best wishes,


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this is way easier sed then done trust me I know, you have to love the way you look a good way to do this is surround your self by people who don't care what you look like. I hoped this helped.

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