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Struggling again to get myself together today but I am thankful for some things

The last few days been quite the struggle. Negative thoughts, slow to get my day together, etc. I know this feeling will pass and there are bright things ahead but at this moment I’m struggling. One trigger is I’ve been eating too much salt and as woman with pmdd, certain times of the month my hormones can not handle it. I’ve been slow to apply to jobs at the moment. I just started one online class and one will be added next month. I wish I was back with my ex bf already, it’s been a year. We had turned into a fwb situation but as soon as this new year came in, I decided to put a stop to that. He hasn’t reached out to me and neither have I to him and I’m proud of myself for that. So I just need to look in the mirror, put on some make up and say, “you rock!” Not there yet but maybe soon.

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I hope you put your makeup on and said loud and clear ' you rock '


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