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I was see in a therapist for a health condition. I decided to keep going after the condition resolved. I always knew I had anxiety, but never though about a therapist but the condition required counseling.

I see her on occasion, the weird thing is I am wondering if what I thought was mild anxiety is more moderate. I feel like my body is starting to tell me, hey you might have panic attacks more then you think.

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Hi Kimberln...Anxiety is a normal human emotion and everyone experiences it. It becomes a problem when it starts to impact your life, i.e. start missing work/school/functions because of it etc. Unfortunately the anticipatory anxiety (the fear of having a panic or anxiety attack) can actually be worse because you can talk yourself into having one.

If you're not sure, continue seeing the therapist. Focus on "catching" yourself every time you think about having a panic/anxiety attack and change it to a positive thought. The mind is extremely powerful and it seems were wired to use it against ourselves. We can "re-wire" it over time to help us feel good.

Have a great day,



Okay Thanks, I will try and see of it helps. This summer I had surgery and had an episode that even therapist said was anxiety. I thought I might be to go back to work due to surgery. All has been well, then started having stressors with fiancee etc. Started having stomach discomforts etc. The timing just has made me suspect..



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