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New & hopeful

Hey everyone! I am new to this site and just wanted to say hello. I am a married 31 year old mother of three boys and an awesome man. I have been dealing with depression and anxiety since I can remember (didn't really understand it though). I had an abusive mother growing up and I put off dealing with it until after my first son was born. I hid it well until I just couldn't take it much longer. I started seeing my awesome counselor about two years after my first son. Then I wanted to be ok and done with that chapter but it hit me again pretty hard after my second son was born. So, I am back seeing my counselor and have been seeing her now for four years! I am managing better but I would like to focus more on getting healthier for my family and myself too. I don't know what self-confidence is but this year I want to be healthier-physically and mentally!

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Self confidence is broken in childhood as many therapists say but it cannot stop you from being productive as a human being. However self esteem is something that tells you from the inside that your needs are not important than others so workon that. Do a mani padi, movie, girls night whatever gets you time away from your children. Tell your husband that you need sometime alone and with him so hire a nanny for a date. Above all develop a circle of girl friends who can listen to your problems relate and empathize...... plus keep your feelings in the group!

Remove the word “must do” to “if I Can I will” in every task you day. Inshallah you will be fine!

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Thank you. I appreciate the advice and positive words!


I can't give you advise, I can just say that I am in your corner


thanks sometimes that is great and needed also. I get the "you will be fine thing" most of the time when I do have glimpses of trust in someone. Sometimes-I don't need someone to help me figure it out, I just need to know that people won't leave because i'm the way I am ....


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