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Worsening attacks after a night of drinking

I was just curious if any of you have worsening attacks the day after drinking alcohol and what your symtoms attacks dont come as episodes its more like a 24/7 ordeal but because i drank lastnight everything is intensified and my chest feels tight with pains and im having a hard time breathing. My head also hurts really bad and my vision is screwy. Also i cant concentrate, if i try my mind goes blank as if my body is shutting down. Ive been out of meds for awhile cause im waiting to see a new dr. Ive been to 3 doctors and been on more medicine then i can even remember with no luck in feeling better. Actually every medicine ive tried seemed to make me feel worse. The only thing that seems to semi help is klonopin. Ive been going thru this for about 9 years and im tired of this ruining my life. I cant even think about going outside in fear of being alone and something bad happening. Ppl ask if i know this is how im going to feel after drinking then why do it..well the truth is because while drinking it eases my mind and im able to relax and feel half normal for that little while but when i wake up in the morning im smacked by ugly side effects that increas thru the whole day and can last days to a week before easing up

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Yes after I drink I tend to feel a bit more off than usual with my anxiety, I was terrified of this when I first started doing it but after checking with my pharmacist and psychiatrist I knew I would be fine.


Hi, I’m currently on medication & found that while drinking is fun and relaxing at the time and a great release. The next day is horrible & I feel numb. It is just so exhilarating at the time and you get caught up in the moment and just don’t want the moment to end.


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