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Can't quit crying.. I need help

I feel horrible, tired... nauseous. I got up this morning and cleaned the house good. Then it's like I just wanted to crawl in my bed and cry. I feel achy all over

I started Zoloft Tuesday but I missed last night and another night. I feel worse than ever.

I have a nuero appointment tomorrow but it is expensive without insurance and idk if I want to go.

My son has a birthday party to go to today, and I want so bad to take him but i feel freaking horrible. I feel like such a bad mom and I'm so sorry to him that I am like this.

I start counseling soon, looking forward to going but i know I'm gonna feel horrible while I'm there and I don't know if I can do it.

My husband is so supportive but he doesn't deserve to have a wife like me, he deserves someone that isn't always feeling bad and crying. One that puts herself together and laughs. I used to be that at one time, now I just feel so so low and I can't get out of my stupid head and my freaking body always feels like crap. This isn't fair

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Hello, I feel similar to you. At least you cleaned the house which is more than I have energy for. If the appointment is going to help you you should go because your health is more important. It’s ok to cry during therapy. It’s a safe zone for you to be able to do what you need to do. Could your husband take your son to the birthday party? I always take my kids to birthday parties bc if not they would just be at home telling me they are bored so at least they are distracted. And they are small enough that I can preoccupy myself with looking after them at the party in case I don’t feel like socializing. You are doing the right thing taking medicine going to dr and going to therapy. You sound like a caring person doing your best. I’m sure your husband agrees.


Thank you. My husband is actually working a side job today and won't be able to take him. It is past time now 😔 him and his brother have been playing all day together having fun so I don't as bad I don't guess. I am really trying everyday, I'm only 26 and I feel like I haven't got a life to live bc the way I feel. I joined a gym bc I thought it would help me and I can't even work up the courage to go


I was on Zoloft for 10 years and they worked well for me until I build up a tolerance, Please put them where you will see them and take them on schedule let them work for you. Going to therapy is a great step forward, enjoy it, it is a way to learn about yourself and free yourself from useless thought, that only serve to keep you trapped. And if you cry - so what? I have cried many times in therapy, and probably will again this week, it is all part of getting well. Just wish I had a thoughtful husband, talk to him and even take him to therapy, that might help. I wish you well, be proud and strong, I send love & hugs. Sprinkle 1


Thinking of you!👩‍🚀(try a super quick walk...makes more headspace)


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