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a little advice? idk

everyday I overthink and I want to stop but I somehow can’t. I always get very nervous when talking to people and sometimes my hands start to sweat from how nervous I am.

Many days I’ll go along doing things I have to do and a random thought from the past will pop up in my head and it’s always something negative that has happened in my life, I’ll start to think about it more and more and start to blame myself when it wasn’t even my fault or even wanting to end my own life because of how bad it was I know people always say “your life is precious” in all honesty I don’t believe that saying.

I’ve had many toxic people in my life and it’s very hard for me to actually open up to people without thinking of something that they could do to hurt me in anyway.

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Hello! I suffer from anxiety/depression and have a lot of the same issues that you are describing. I honestly have taken SO much time to myself and in deep thought to realize that even if those things happened there is someone else out there who is pulling on a push door. Which always makes me laugh and feel a little better. In the cases that are traumatic and stressful I write it out, I write out my thoughts, feelings, and emotions towards that specific situation and leave it all in there! I also see a therapist who has given me exercises to do to help with these emotions. Trusting people is very hard. I too am going through the struggle of finding someone to trust due to past relationships. But you have to remember, these people aren't the ones who put you through hell in the past. They're new and just like you maybe a little hesitant on trust. Don't rush into anything or just lay your life story out there, just start small and do what you can to keep a positive circle around you! The community on here is here for you! ❤️ things will all be okay.


thank you it really means a lot to me.

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Ah bingo. This is pretty much spot on to how I feel too! It’s so frustrating because it feels like every decision is wrong and everyone thinks you’re annoying or needy or (enter another negative thing that we always blame ourselves for). I had a panic attack today thinking about a very thing similar thought to yours.

I use sensory distractions to help try to stop those thoughts. Essential oils, music, something tasty, or something warm.


Thank you I really do appreciate you reading this.

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