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I'll be fine for a couple of day but then I crash. I get depressed more, I don't talk, I get really bad headaches and I get all teary-eyed. I can't get any sleep and when I do, I'm still tired like I haven't slept in 4 weeks. And I don't understand how 'Kiss me' by Ed Sheeran make me almost cry. Its not a sad song or anything, I love that song actually. Lately to avoid the depression and the sadness I have been working myself by teaching myself about the organs for my career and been training myself for military PT. I may be overthinking it but I think I am just overwhelmed for the school year to start cause I'm going to 11th grade and collage are already sending their flyers and stuff. I have a mind set of going into the Air Force and have them pay for my collage so I can be a children cancer doctor but I also want to be in the FBI or K9 unit. But I've always had my mind set on being a children cancer doctor.... I just need some advice or something... This is really the only place I can really trust the people and write how I feel without being brought down...

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Wow sounds like you are very brave & also have gr8 heart to want to help sick children!!! that's quite some undertaking - the goals you have!! I maybe don't have a whole lot of advice on some of those things at all but just to maybe make sure to be honest in assessing yourself and what your emotions are and health is and what you can handle! you sound like you have a sensitive caring heart and are emotional- I can relate to this! Just be cautious though with decisions- I believe prayer is really powerful and maybe journaling out things and going over your thoughts goals and things in writing to sort through them! Also do you have counseling or therapy to help??

Thank you SO much. It just helps knowing someone cares enough to try!! I had someone in 8th grade but I don't now. Dad said that they would just tell me what I already know plus I wouldn't have a way to get there if I did go to counseling.

It is funny that you bring that up. I have not gotten much sleep and have gotten emotional on small stuff. It is probably from the Abilify I started taking. Is as crazy as it sounds, I will take this because i am actually happy and I actually feel something. I was not feeling anything before.

That probably wasn't much help to you.😞

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My doc put me on Abilify many years ago, but the side effects whacked me out, so I got off of it. I'm glad it appears to be working for you.

Just you trying helps me, Promise. I'm glad the medication is working. In 8th grade they put me in some antidepressants that just made me laugh at everything and I could only eat Popeye biscuits and I would fall asleep all the time so I'm really glad that what your taking is working!!!

Those are some strange side effects...😊

Popeyes does sound good now that you mention it....

I though the same things and I wish there was a Popeyes close to where I live now!!

Don't be concerned that you don't know exactly what you want to do for a living at this point in your life. It's good that you have some ideas, but keep your mind open to other possibilities. Not many 16-year old students know what they're going to do for a career.

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Amen on that. I changed my major in college 3 times. I ended up with 204 credit hours.

I always envied people who know from an early age what they want to do. For many people, they are unsure at 18 years old because they really haven't been exposed to many job and life experiences.

The military is not a bad idea. I have a friend who went into that, the reserves, and now for the federal government. He has done many different things and traveled a lot. They can pay for college and you can get a pension if you stay in long enough.

I've been talking to a recruit officer about it and I've started practicing for the ASFAB test and everything so I can get in.

Thanks, I'll try to keep an open mind

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