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Always feel so alone

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The loneliness is always there, it never ends. Does getting a dog or an emotional companion really help? I need this feeling to go away and never come back just like depression/anxiety. Ughh I suffer from it all, smh ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฏ๐Ÿ˜

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I have a friend that swears by an animal companion. It gives her something to focus on and take care of in a sense, which makes her feel useful as well. It helps her concentrate on something other than her self and her thoughts. It might be a really good distraction for you. Of course, that is if you like pets.

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Thanks so much for your opinion, it surely helps. I do love dogs but have only had an outside dog. I'm thinking of getting a small inside dog, like a Yorkie or Pomeranian. I'm gonna search for one I've heard they're expensive though. Well wish me luck and thanks again for your advice โ˜บ๐Ÿ‘ Happy New Year to you ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ†

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SouthTexas84, I think a small indoor dog would be a wonderful idea. Shiba Inus are really small dogs and pretty good natured. They also don't have a big fur shedding problem. Probably any dog will be a bit spendy as it'll be another family member really, but probably worth your time and something you can give and receive much needed love from! Happy New Year to you as well and I definitely wish you luck in your puppy search and feeling better in 2018!

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I stay on my own and I don't have any pets, but what I find good is that neighbour got 2 cats this year and I started petting them to see if that would stop them pooping in my garden.

Anyway what I have noticed is that I feel so much better after I have spent even just a couple of minutes stroking one of the cats and the best of it is I don't have to worry about feeding them, paying for vets bills and I get my "pet therapy" when ever the cats are around. It is so funny to see them sitting on my door step waiting for me if they see the car in the drive way or hear the door opening. :-D

If would love to get a dog, but because I stay one my own and don't want to leave a dog in the house for long periods of time while I am at work, guess what I do. Yes I borrow my sisters dog, by going to vist her or offering to dog sit when they are on holiday. They think it is really funny the way their dog greats me and because it is a West Highland Terrier I do admit to getting down to the dogs level to say hello to her, but only if we are not in a muddy field. It is so funny because she puts her head on my shoulder as if to give me a cuddle.

I did a lot of considering about getting a dog and looked into the cost per year of vets bills, injections, pet insurance, food costs, dog walkers costs because I just won't leave a dog for 8 hours while I was out at work without having someone to walk it. Then there is the cost of kennels for when you go holidays.

I don't like cats in the house so I would never get a cat.

When I do get a dog I will also be going to my local rescue centre because you can get some lovely dogs at the rescue center if you are prepared to wait until the right do for you comes along.

Also why not see if there are some local hobby clubs or sport clubs in your area or even maybe try volunteering. I volunteer for a children's charity and really enjoy it. The charity was really good with the training they provided and they provide me with the assignments based on my availablity. I get to spend time with kids doing Arts and crafts or playing football or helping out with awards they are doing projects for and it is quite fulfilling to do that and know you've helped a child have some fun and even learn something new.

I hope this reply helps you.

Take care.

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20Voices, great idea about seeking animal rescue centers or places that have animals that one can go and visit! Makes the cost of owning and upkeep on a pet much less! Really excellent idea!

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Awwe your response made me smile so much, both of y'alls did. You're so right on thinking about the costs and times spent on a pet. We once got a puppy that my 14 yr old begged for but after one night of it crying my boys didn't want him anymore ๐Ÿ˜ฏ so we had to give him away. It was his responsibility at that time due to my busy work schedule. But now my oldest had moved out of the nest and my 14 yr old doesn't want to do one thing with me he just stays on that XBox. And after dating for 3 yrs and not being able to find a life partner aka husband I give up. But I still feel so lonely. I have a niece and nephew that give me alot of joy but they can't go anywhere with me or always be with me because they are still babies. That idea about volunteering for an animal rescue center or what came to my mind was even maybe a retirement home or nursing home for the elderly. I do love my senior citizens and have always loved working with them. Their stories and wisdom on life always made me smile and happy. Helping them out aslo made me feel useful and productive so that was a great idea and awesome advice. 20Voices you're a doll and a sweetheart, thank you so much again ๐Ÿ’•โ˜บ. So 2018 here I come to conquer this loneliness and depression/anxiety. Be more positive for suret too!๐Ÿ‘ Happy New Year...Take care ๐Ÿ’•๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿ˜

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My reply got sent to skmo but it was for you 20Voices but Thank both of y'all ๐Ÿ‘

Yes Yes Yes on a dog!! I rescued a Chihuahua from a local pound a couple of years ago She rescued me more than I did her!!! I hate that I waited so long to get a dog She has brought joy to my life than I could ever imagine Please anyone that wants an animal

Please Rescue Donโ€™t Buy!!

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Thanks Lvumor, I'm going to find some local pounds or animal shelters and go check them out. You never know one might pick me instead ๐Ÿ˜ I'm gonna volunteer too. Thanks for your response and helpful advice... Happy New Year, take care ๐Ÿ’•โ˜บ

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Best Wishes for a Wonderful 2018!! When u find a dog or cat Plz let me know!!

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You cal also search for animal rescues in your area. I think mixed breeds are better behaved. They know and truly appreciate you! I still suggest researching breeds. Yorkie can be very wild. Some in a fun way but require a lot of attention and suffer from separation anxiety as well. I had a Pomeranian that was a little devil. Lol. I would let her out and she would stay out for hours then scratch to come in and go straight over and poop on the floor. My uncle had one too and it was difficult to care for. Like it thought it was more special. Spoiled brat. All dogs are different though Research time required, health problems etc. I search dogs for seniors. When you rescue they have their shots, they are healthy and have been fixed. It saves you at least a thousand dollars. You can also get a certified therapy dog. Research them. They are trained.

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I sure will, thanks again โ˜บ

My dog is my best friend. I talk to her, snuggle her, sleep with her, walk with her, drive with her etc. I would be remiss if I did not tell that as wonderful as it is, it is also a big responsibility. They can be very expensive with medical costs, food etc. They also need a lot of attention, walking etc. My sweet Tater Tot is now almost 15 and she has congestive heart failure. That is killing me inside but I am still enjoying every second with her.

I believe that there is energy around all of us. We can put off negative energy, anxious energy, sad energy, excited energy etc. Kind of like when someone cries and you cry. Or if someone is very excited and it makes you happy. When I am around people with bad anxiety I can tell you immediately. I feed off my babies energy. When she lays in my lap so sweet and sleeps. I can just feel her calmness. When I give her a treat and she gets so excited I feed off of her happiness. She makes me laugh. When I go somewhere and come home and I see her sweet little face in the window filled with excitement and unconditional love to see me. Oh yes it feels so good! I have never not had a pet. It depends on what you can give to them as far as attention, money etc. Cats are lower maintenance in some way. When they lay in your lap and purr it brings a lot of joy. Suitable option as well. I personally have had them. They are comforting. I prefer dogs as I think they are more like humans and have a bigger personality.

There are certainly pros and cons. I would certainly do the research before choosing your pet. Different breeds have different characteristics, life spans, personalities, friendliness (I think all dogs can be trained to be loving with socialization which is critical). If you live in an apartment and arenโ€™t home much you would not one a seriously active dog that needs a lot of space to run etc. Do the research. If you do get a dog we want to know all about her or him. ๐Ÿ˜€ Rescue dogs are always best although many people enjoy pure breeds. I just think more people should rescue dogs who in turn rescue us. It hurts because their life span is shorter but the benefits in my opinion far outweigh the risks! I love my girl. She knows things no one else does! We talk. Sheโ€™s not good at answering but I swear I think she knows sometimes. When I cry she will come up and lay her face on mine and comfort me. She is not a certified therapy dog but she is my therapy! My puppy I taught how to give hugs. She will just come up and put her paws on each side of my neck and lay her head on my cheek and hug me! A couple treats and training and I get hugs whenever I want. Iโ€™d be happy to talk anytime. You can message me. As you can tell Iโ€™m pro dog all the way. Now Iโ€™m researching long life span dogs, dogs for senior, calm dogs, lap dogs, healthy dogs etc. Snsller dogs typically have a longer life span. I have a dachshund I rescued and they typically live 17 years where labs may live 12-13. My baby has heart trouble now but has just been perfect. She is loving and loyal and very protective but sweet as can be. She gets nervous when people come at her fast and wild because she is small but I donโ€™t so itโ€™s good. She is my best friend! Probably one of the best dogs ever. The puppy is miniature yorkie and beagle mixed and she is so smart. Full of energy. Learns tricks so quickly but not so great at going poop outside. She will pee if taken or pee on a pad though. Both are amazing. Itโ€™s after 4am so I need to go to bed. I live in Virginia in US. Message me anytime! Best of luck.

Hi I think one of the benefits of having a dog is that they make you go out and get some exercise and fresh air. You will meet other dog walkers too and might even make new friends. I certainly did.

I would also be certain that you can give an animal a good stable home and that you want one for it's own sake too.

With all that I would say go for it. x

Story of our lives. I know what you mean. I wish this down feeling would go away. I feel afraid I will live with it for life. Those things may help a little. I hope it does for your sake. Happy new year my friend and for this year I wish you all the peace happiness and strength in this world. Hugs

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Thank you so much Quieturban ๐Ÿ’• sorry such a late response, haven't had energy to even get on internet ๐Ÿ˜

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Itโ€™s ok dear. I know how it is. Hope your feeling better.

Hi. I understand. I've been feeling alone too. One of my rabbits is quite ill since early December and and it's been really hard. I have 2 of them, a guinea pig and a dog. They help but it's hard when one of your closest crew members is suffering. He's on fluids and alot of meds. The other bunny loves him and tries to cuddle him. It warms the heart. So having animals is wonderful, the double edge sword is illness or death. However,the unconditional love between u and the animal can out weigh the hard timez. And there are plenty of support groups for animal lovers, I belong to a couple rabbit fb groups where people share in loving rabbits in good and challenging times. Any place you can get positive support is great . I hope this helps u. And know ur not alone. Sometimes I just feel lonely. Take care SouthTexas.

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Thank you Krolik6 ๐Ÿ˜Š I greatly appreciate your response and helpful adive. I sure hope your rabbit gets better asap. That brings memory to my mind. As a little girl growing up out in the country side we got to have baby bunnies as pets the only thing we were allowed to have as a pet idk why. My father would give them to me and my younger sister as Easter gifts, those were happy don't memories of a child and teenagehood that was very bad. I love love bunnies/rabbits ๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿ’• I need to get me one this spring and see how it goes. I remember crying so much when one year mine died and the next year my little beautiful snowball white bunny ran away, but I did see him every now and then. He went back wild lol. Thanks for reminding me of the sweet happy times with a beloved pet. Hugs my friend โ˜บ๐Ÿค— Take Care...PS please let me know if your sweet rabbit is doing better.

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Hey SouthTexas, glad to hear from u! That's awesome u had bunnies. I love bunnies! Sorry one got away. But I'm glad u have good memories. My one that's sick is still holding his own. He's a little love, there for me when I'm down. Bunnies can b so attentive. He was in a shelter as most of my bunnies were. I hope ur feeling better. Volunteering is a good idea. I do that for a lady I clean for. It's rewarding and I know she appreciates it. Best of luck to u! Keep me posted!

Well look at my username :) each animal had their own unique interesting personality. I have to get up and feed my cat. My cat vines to me for cuddles all times of the day. I would have a dog but work too much. My cat just came in meowing while I wrote this :)

*My cat comes to me I meant

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Awwwe so cute, my boss is a cat momma of 3 and I babysit them while she goes out of town on business. So I know the happiness they can bring esp when they purr and cuddle your legs for your attention. ๐Ÿ˜บ๐Ÿ˜ธ๐Ÿ˜ป

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