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Anxiety Day After Christmas


I made it through all the holidays, including Christmas day, with no anxiety at all. Then, yesterday, the 26th, was a terrible day. Major anxiety. I have no idea why. This has always been my favorite week of the year, a slower pace, less traffic, etc. I wanted to stay in bed all day because I felt so bad. I have GAD and am on meds. Just curious if anyone else experienced this. Also open to advice. Thanks!

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Hi, I think post holiday depression and anxiety is common. It is following the high of being busy and being surrounded by loved ones. I am definitely going through that. Had weeks of prep leading up to Christmas. Yesterday (26th) I was fine being alone because I was so tired from all the cooking and events. Today I felt miserable all day. Cried a few times. Feeling extremely lonely. Trying to focus on finishing my work-related tasks

This is quite common yes so please try not to worry. Everyone's generally so busy in the run up to Christmas that there's little time to 'think'. The 26th is called Boxing Day here and aptly named....i felt like I'd been slapped a few times in previous years...esp when my anxiety was at a peak. It is a winding down day and that includes floods of those pesky emotions. It's like they sit in the corner of ones brain.a whole army of them...plotting over Christmas and when it's over, there's the Sergeant Major of them bellowing "Go Go Go" and hits us like a ton of bricks. Hopefully as the days go by you will relax abit more, now it's over. Then we prepare all over again, for the next!!!. I was just thinking...has this happened in previous years? If so, is there anything you can put in mentally prepare almost. I know it's presuming it's going to happen which is often worse than the upset itself but I always have 'just incases' there. It worked for me. I had a few wobbles over Christmas myself and I wouldn't have got thro it as I did without the support on here. It's also one of my fav weeks albeit most stressful, if anyone gets thro it unscathed....they are fibbing lol. So for someone with anxiety and depression...horrendous. how are you today? I do hope you feel brighter in yourself. Please take care. Janie.

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Thanks! Extremely helpful. Feeling much better today.

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Glad to hear it. Janie.

Hi try and look on the positive side. At least you had Christmas day free from anxiety which is better. x

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