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Depression is haunting my thoughts, inviting me in again and again. I want to just go back to thinking anxiety was the worst problem

On a vacation w boyfriends family and kids. Life is beautiful. The things that make me sad keep coming to mind every time I feel this love and.... the anxiety I’ve had my whole life does this. I hate it but it’s not as scary as worrying about feeling the sad feeling. Hating myself in the mirror knowing I shouldn’t do activities the family is doing because I don’t know myself right now. I feel like every time I feel ok depression taps my shoulder to remind me why I get so sad. Going to weekly counseling, sleeping ok now. Wtf do I do to stop this. ???

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Hello it’s good you are going to therapy. Do you also take medicine? It may help along with the therapy. I find I always need both, therapy and medicine


I was prescribed a low dose trazadone for sleep. I just keep finding myself here over and over again


This is a good place to find yourself because I find it helpful. I have suffered from depression my whole life but recently developed anxiety as well. It’s hard to turn off the negative thinking. I can’t turn off the anxious thoughts. Maybe talking it out here with people who understand will help.

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