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post concussion syndrome

Looking for a support group for depression, anxiety, tiredness, etc caused by hitting my head for the 3rd time. It's called post concussion syndrome. People don't understand when I explain this. They think I can get myself together...they don't understand that this is something different. Looking for others who might be experiencing this too. Looking for answers as to how I can get above this. It is so painful that I would like to end it all.

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I'm so sorry for what you're going through. While you're very welcome here, I did find these groups as well:




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Thank you for this information. It is a big help. I am going to look into these.


i’m sorry for what you’re going through.

i can’t relate to your post concussion syndrome, but i can however relate to your depression/anxiety/tiredness. please don’t think you should end it all! that would break my heart, and many others. you are strong and you can make it through this. i’m praying for you.

we are all here for you!

you are so brave to tell your feeling to us and look for support. i am proud of you.

maybe you could join a support group or talk to a professional. this can be helpful.

i’m always here if you need to talk! stay strong.


Nobody understands the situation better than you.And don't expect much from them.Are u sure this depression is coz of concussion?


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