idk how to feel?

i swear to god i turn into the biggest baby when im in the midst of a panic attack, i cling to my mom and she becomes my source of comfort. i know i need to find other coping mechanisms because once im moved out i wont be able to see her everytime i start to panic but idk what else to do. is age regressing something that happens due to stress?? (please no hate)

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  • If you are a big baby than I am too. Panic attacks are not easy to deal with and having no someone to hold and comfort you halos to make it go away faster. Just hang in there.

  • tiredbbygirl, how lucky you are to have your mom as your comfort person. It's true that we need to find that comfort within ourselves. But a hug from someone else or even the words "it's going to be okay" go a looong way in making us feel better.

    I don't have that support, I always had put downs, so out of necessity, I needed to learn how to handle the panic attack on my own. Anxiety makes us all afraid and act younger than our age out of fear, but that's okay. Let others who have never experienced a panic attack and let's see how stoic they would be ;) xx

  • sometimes i have to remember how lucky i am to have that maternal comfort, im just afraid of growing too dependent on her and youre very strong for doing it on your own

  • I understand how you feel. It is our sick brain doing a number on us. I am 75 and find myself calling for my Mother who has been dead a number of years now. Do you take any medication for your condition? Talk to your Dr. I think he/she will do their best to help you. I am improving but it is slow, I wish it would hurry up. Do you have a good friend you can rely on? I have no one, and 2 good friends in Calif. who write to me constantly. And then there are the people here who are very supportive. When I get feeling alone I think of the millions who are going thru this ugliness and talk to one for company. So get all the help you can, and talk to us we will help you if we can. I send you strength, love & Hugs. xxx Sprinkle 1

  • Me too and I’m a grandma myself. My mom is 70 and I still just want to curl up in her lap and let her rub my hair. She will too if able. She always goes to new doctors and procedures with me. She knows me almost as good as I know myself. I’m a grandma and my profile pic is hello kitty and I still sleep with my blankies from when I was little. I’ve had to replace a few. They are really old. I just can’t deal with stress so when things get heavy I revert to the time things were good. I’m very professional and serious when I have to be but when I don’t I’m calmly my mommy, playing Minecraft with my grandson and snuggling my blankies. Sometimes if things get to loud I hide. That may be why the doctor said I have personality disorder. Idk I try to catch the panic before it gets out of hand but once it does I hide and ride it out crying and pacing. Especially if my mom isn’t here. She does not live with me. I collect all things Hello Kitty. I also wear Hello Kitty shirts and pajamas. I like to blast the music channels on tv and sing and dance around my house like a crazy teenager. People tell me I have to figure out what I will do if I lose my mom. Yet I’m the one they call when they need something. You could slowly try letting go. Maybe have her in the room but not hugging. Then slowly the next room. Etc. It’s a good idea. Parents aren’t here forever. As far as me as bad as it is I will do whatever I have to for relief. I’m a hypocrite! That’s why I came here though. I’m trying to not put so much on my mom. She has a bad heart and I’m being selfish. I tell ya what! You can text me. I’m a mom. Not yours but a mom. My baby is 23. I try to check in a few times a day as able. I’m good with others. Just not myself. Have you ever tried seeing a therapist though. They can help you with all that and more! I have a large stuffed hello kitty I can hug. Maybe you could try a big teddy bear. I like having something solid to hold onto when everything else is up in the air. You could also consider a dog. Or therapy dog. My dog is so special to me! She comforts me. You have to be able to care for them and pay for them too. Teddy bears are free once you get one.

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