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I’m new to this site. I have panic disorder and ocd My main fear in life is vomiting, it scares me to death. My fear stops me from enjoying everyday life and makes me afraid my boyfriend will get tired of me. I live in fear every single day that I am going to get sick everything I do or touch is questionable and it makes me feel so alone. I currently have gastritis and the acid reflux and stomach acid is making my anxiety a lot worse these days :(. It really sucks feeling scared all the time.

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Hey, I can relate to this....I have Ocd too, usually its about checking my doors are locked and a fear someone will break into my home...the anxiety is horrible and your right being afraid all the time sucks....I'm sure your boyfriend wont leave u...try not to add that worry on as your anxiety will only feel worse..he must want to be with u remember :) Hugs x


Thank you for the response. I try not to add on to my anxiety it’s just so hard :(


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