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CBT - Ongoing therapy

I have just completed a 6 week course of CBT, with the NHS. This is unfortunately all that they offer unless they feel that you are at risk.

The therapist has said that she can see improvements, and yes the last week I do feel better. Not completely but I am not sure that depression and anxiety ever really goes. Things are going to happen that will upset me, and make me over react and during the last few weeks when these have happened I have had someone to talk to and I do have family and friends around me but this isn't really something that I feel comfortable sharing.

I would like to find a private CBT therapist to maybe see once a fortnight/month just so that I am keeping on top of the practices that I have been shown to control my stress and depression and that I have someone there that will pick up on my state if it worsens as I really don't want to be as bad as I was for the last 12 months. I am on strong pain killers of chronic pelvic pain, and did start using them to self medicate. I would use them to relax me and calm me down, and I soon was taking more then the recommended dosage. I have since had a blood test which showed damage to my liver from all the medication, so really don't want to find myself in that situation again, as I do need to carry on taking pain killers as and when needed.

I was just wondering if anyone see's a therapist once a month, or what others do after the CBT course?, do you find yourself completely healed?




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