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Newly dealing with Panic and Anxiety struggles!

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Hi, I am newly dealing with overwhelming Anxiety and Panic attacks. They started out of nowhere! Hit me like a truck and left me there feeling the aftermath! I have done so much research, trying to find anything to help me get better, and I am hardly feeling relief. This started a little over 2 weeks ago, and prior to this I was not experiencing anything of this sort. I had "normal" anxiety, but I could deal with it. I also only ever had 1 panic attack before this. So I don't know what caused this to happen to me, or why I am not getting any relief. I am trying many things, like breathing and muscle techniques. I even try talking about what hurt me personally with my friends and family, and while I may cry and feel better for a short amount of time, it soon comes back. Like I said, I was fine prior to two weeks ago, this came out of nowhere and has flipped my life upside down. Any advice, or if anyone knows of free therapy, I would love to have it. There isn't a place in my area for therapy, and since this has happened, it's only natural my funds diminished. This is really ruining my life to the point where I am not happy to even be alive. Please anyone with any help is welcome. Thanks you..

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Hello SeekingInnerpeace,

I am in the same boat as you. Everything in my life was OK then BAM out of nowhere I started having anxiety attacks, random bouts of crying (seemingly for nothing), always feeling panic or stressed. I too have tried the breathing and reaching out to family and friends but its all temporary. Have you tried reaching out to your doctor? Maybe they can refer you to someone... I just reached out to my doctor and I'm hoping he can refer me. I haven't been diagnosed yet but I hope when my doctor sees me he'll tell me what's wrong with me. I don't feel like myself anymore.

Yoga is a really Helpful thing for anxiety and milk. Sometimes it’s good to close your eyes and block all of your surroundings out until you can feel yourself come back to normal. I’ve been in your shoes where it hit me so hard and so sudden. Simple breathing techniques are helpful to find on the internet and music whatever you favorite song it play it in that moment in your head or whatever. My favorite song it you don’t own me because it reminds me that my anxiety attacks can no longer own me and my life. Living with the fear of anxiety is hard but you always need to remind yourself don’t let anxiety act as a barrier to stop you from living your life you only get one so defeat it head on :) I hope you get better things will get better eventually just keep your chin up and remember don’t let it take control

You have my sympathy, I have been hit with depression and anxiety, I think the depression is lifting a little but it is a daily battle with the anxiety. You might want to look thru the above Helpful Mental Health Apps. there is a Lot of information in there. I would also talk to my Dr. you may need some med's to help you, sounds like you are doing your best. Come talk to us, we will help if we can and give you support. Sprinkle l with love and peace.

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