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Hi guys. I am a 21 year old student. I was recovering from my depression when I fell back into old patterns due to a family stressor. My therapist told me to start doing my self care tasks again which include drinking water, eating healthier, monitoring my sleep, and exercising. My old habits were binge eating, sleeping too much, and watching tv all day. I wanted to give you a positive story since we need to celebrate the small stuff. Today is my second day without a nap. I feel sleepy all the time and am having cold like symptoms that I get when I try to cut my sleep down to 8 hours a day. I don't want to compare it to withdraw but that is what it feels like. I know two days doesn't seem like that big of a deal but it's the first step. After about 2 weeks, I will feel more energetic and healthier. I know this from past experiences but it's still hard to change my behavior. Thanks for reading I hope this helps to show people that it does get better. There is hope.

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Hi kamooney14, breaking the nap cycle is a big deal and you WILL see the difference in no time. The more sleep we get, the more the body wants until we are just a zombie walking around until the next sleep time. The body was made to rest, exercise and function through out the day. It needs the muscles to move in order to feel well balanced mentally and physically. Good Luck on your turn about from depression and starting a healthier life style. There is always hope. With every new day comes the hope and realization that today will be different. And you are the one responsible for making it different. Go forward, Feel Better. x

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