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Well I woke up with a pretty soar throat and called out of work. Per usual I had to be honest with my parents and I get the whole that’s not good enough excuse and I go to work even when I’m sick. My mom expects me sometimes to get over things quickly. I feel like my anxiety is bothering me again. I kept hearing a few times oh it sounds like your feeling good. Mind you I’m 31 years old almost 32. Sometimes I feel like I can’t even make my own decisions and things get me worked up. I have therapy on Monday

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I'm sorry you feel that way

I'm glad you have therapy on Monday hoping that it will make you feel better z

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Does your mom know what you're going through? If not, let her know, I feel that she's not being supportive of you, you need her love and support, thank GOD I have a supportive family, one of my grandchildren live with me and my husband and always watching out for me he just got through asking me how I'm doing and I was honest with him and told him not good, I'm shaking right now. I need Jesus 💟🙏


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