Anxiety Still with me

I'm so afraid that this anxiety will never go away. My doctor recently adjusted my medication, but I don't feel any improvement. At least it's no worse. Everyday is just such a struggle to get through. My job totally stresses me out and there's no concrete reason why it should. My therapist tells me it's all in the way I'm looking at things. So I'm trying really hard to talk myself down all the time. I guess this is my rant for today. Mornings are treacherous and it gets better as the day goes on, but the anxiety never really leaves me. I just want to feel better! Love & peace to all and thanks for listening.

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  • Hi sorry to hear this. Don't forget that it can take up to 6 weeks for a new med to get fully into your sytem so please give it time to start helping you. The side effects can make you feel worse in the short term and I am surprised your doctor didn't tell you this. x

  • Yes, I know it takes a while for the new med to kick in. I wish relief didn't have to come from a pill bottle though,

    Last night I couldn't fall asleep forever and that never happens to me. I usually have no problem. Feel pretty exhausted this morning. I'm so glad it's Friday!

  • Better than coming from alcohol or illegal drugs though! xx

  • I totally understand how your feeling.. waiting for my dr to call back trying to get my dose increased as well. I felt like I was doing so much better then 3 days ago back downhill! The anxiety has been crazy lately!

  • Thanks for your reply. I can't stand it any more. It's so exhausting.

  • Hello I am crippled with anxiety and I have severe depression, this has been going one for weeks, my Dr. is doing her best to help me, she has upped my antidepressant to 150 mg day, this A.D. also works on anxiety, that was not enough, I am now on 3 anti anxiety drugs, they do take time to get in to the brain and sort out those neurotransmitters, one reason we have side effects because they are doing their job. And hopefully we are compatible with them. I understand how you feel as I have some really bad days, but something I think is working as the last two days have not been so horrible, I just started a new anti anxiety med on Thur. so I think it is starting to work. Yes mornings are rough -- but the afternoon improves for me. My Dr. and Pharmacist are both concerned and encourage me to walk for 1/2 everyday - it does help. And do not be hard on yourself. Be loving with yourself, do at least 1 nice thing for yourself every day. We are here for you. I send Love & Peace Sprinkle 1

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