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Anyone can refer any remedies besides meds

So on my previous post about quitting I forgot to ask if anyone knows of any natural remedies for mood stabilizing and bipolar treatment please share.

I already know the other stuff such as exercising which I don’t have the stamina for at the moment I just quit smoking my lungs aren’t in the best shape yet and I have a injury to my lower back, neck, and left shoulder from a car accident and finally will be doing at least one round of steroid injections to see how it helps.

I never did any of those types of injections, my mom has been treated with them and she definitely suggests them but everyone is different. She has had been involved in other car accidents and this one this past January we both were in together.

My anger and rage are probably one of those worse symptoms of my bipolarness along when I fall into depression where I don’t want to do a damn thing.

I was never really like this I was always so uppty person always on the go, happy, and what not but still had my attitude issues which I finally accepted that it wasn’t an attitude problem it was always bipolarness my rapid mood changes and swings and how my rage and anger was/can be above the normal range.

My anxiety doesn’t help with this shyt either but I do take my xanax and I really kept it on a low mg dosage. I’m prescribed .25mg and usually will take half of that during the day time because I need to be calm but up and alert. And the other half at the end of my day if needed after I’m out of work and home maybe sometimes I’ll take another half with that if needed.

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