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This nightmare does not seem to end . its getting worse with each passing day. Nobody seems to understand my suffering and everybody points out the flaws in me. I must be a very horrible person that my family hates me so much, my best friend finds pleasure in my suffering and my boyfriend left me. I must be a very horrible person to make so many people walk out on me. I deserve the hatred I get.

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ss93. Hello, I think you are looking at things the wrong way. You are special, lovable and a good person. Your family probably do not understand you, And may feel guilty about your illness, I bet if I met you I would like you, because I suffer from depression and anxiety. What I would suggest you talk to your doctor, you may need antidepressants I take them everyday.

Also therapy is a good tool to sort out the pain that is hurting you. DO Not Blame yourself there are hundreds of us suffering here in the USA. Read some of the letters. Be good to yourself, love yourself. I send You Love & Peace. Sprinkle 1 p.s get in a group therapy they are great, they helped me. If you wonder why I am writing about being depressed, I have been on antidepressants and built up tolerance to where they quit working, so now my MD and my Psych Dr. are trying to get me back on track. :o)

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