Just need some space

Just need some space

I need just space and my own place and got to get my liscense. Keep moving so much to many times and this English class got to pass I fail it 3 times and so I don’t drive and 20 but I don’t have a car and I get no space cause my dad treats me like a baby and I can’t go anywhere but with him and he never let me have fiends and go with them and do teen stuff like my age and 20 and meet somebody someday. My mom got sick and so I stay with a lot of people but with my dad now. All he wants me to do is work and get a job I’m just not like his life and got to graduate and get my degree. I do did get to go some places with mt age at my last house but now with dad and have my own room . She help ed me with my work and now I fail ,

Classes right now cause I don’t have some help. I’ll trying my best but I’m reality it’s just too much for all at a time. Oh yeah I had a cuz brother but we don’t get to see and hang out so I don’t have him to talk and be around since my dad making me stay in the country. He just don’t listen and he gets mad

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  • Have you tried talking to counselors at school?

  • No My dad won’t let me do nothing but be with him at junk yard or eat at waffles house and he just won’t me to work

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