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I had a complete meltdown yesterday like everything just came out. I just couldn't get myself together. I realized I'm really good at pretending I'm fine and swallowing my own emotions while getting the brunt of other people 's emotions. My mother treats this as a inconvenience for her I know she has trouble but she makes it worse. My sister made me feel better though.

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Thank goodness for your sister. Hope that your meltdown released some of whatever is pent up. I feel like meltdowns tend to be a tipping of the bucket deal. Like, there’s still more’s just waiting to overflow again. I hope you’re able to see someone and empty the bucket (so to speak).

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Thank you

Well, if Fretesa is right about the tipping of the bucket deal, think you may need a smaller bucket or a much larger one. You're a winner either way. If you imagine a smaller bucket tipping, that may be good as you are releasing some of what has built up more frequently and in smaller amounts and some of the air is cleared for you to breathe. Or if you get a bigger bucket, well that means a bigger build up and tipping that floods everything. A true catharsis. That may mean an epiphany follows...insight, discovery, and understanding of yourself. But that bigger bucket needs to be tipped (dumped?) in a safe place with a professional. So I think you must have chosen the just right bucket this time. Smart woman.

I read your other post and see there is a barrier of getting an appointment with the appropriate doctor. When you do have your appointment, consider setting up the dates of several more of your appointments before you leave the office. Cause it is hard to make an appointment, right?

And considering asking about the procedure and philosophy of reaching him by phone before the next scheduled appointment if you think you are really in crisis. And is there a doctor that covers nights and weekends if you are really in trouble.

Put the local crisis number in a drawer near your bed as well his phone number and any number that covers for him when he's not available.

Is your sister going with you to your first appointment as you said she understands...that's just a thought.

We're here in the

I also have nervous breakdowns sometimes and end up crying and crying always makes me feel better afterwards, so cheer up, and let go

I have meltdowns also due to anxiety it comes and goes and it depends on the day and situation your parents love you no matter what

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