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trying to cope with anxiety, ocd, hoarding, and depression

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Anxiety has been a lot harder to deal with lately. plus i take a medicine for depression that i started within the last year and I'm not sure if it is working or not... I have too many things to deal with and both my sons are in their 20"s and are just flipping out and calling me then getting mad at me for not giving the advice they want to hear. And my husband is working for the most horrible management company ever and they just took over so its made life harder for us because he can never leave so its all on me. Im fed up tired and and i have OCD and a hoarding issue.

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I'm sorry you're going through a difficult time. I can see where you're not only having to cope with anxiety and depression but also deal with other family members' concerns. Sometimes life gets confusing when there's too much emotional commotion around you. Try to focus on your well-being and let the others tend to their needs. Be honest with them and tell them you're having trouble coping with your anxiety and that you'll need their help. Let them know what you need from them to lower your stress level. If you're not certain whether your meds are working, please inform your Dr. to see if an adjustment or addition is needed. If you're in therapy please let your therapist know how you feel and your home situation so they help find solutions that can make your life easier . . . peace.


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