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Afraid of my thoughts

I keep thinking that I may have caused somebody to kill themselves. Additionally, I am worried that I will never know my sexuality. I think about it all the time. I am afraid that since I told my therapist about it that it might really be true and I'm just trying to make it my therapist's responsibility instead of mine. Does anyone else get these kind of thoughts, am I really gay?

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There was a case earlier this year where someone was charged in her boyfriends suicide. But unless you said “ yea go ahead and do it,” then you aren’t responsible and don’t let that guilt take over your life. Even if you weren’t 100% the best friend anyone could be, the fact is he is the one who ultimately committed suicide. ( just saying he to make it easy - it might be a she ). You could have said and done everything exactly right and the outcome still could have been the same. It was not your fault.

As for your sexuality, we live in a different world now. As long as it’s consenting adults, do what makes you happy. Any one who doesn’t like you afterwards was never really your friend.

But , food for thought, do you have to make a decision about your sexuality right now? Or will your thoughts about it evolve on their own so that someday you will know without question?


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