Suffering without hope!

I am suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. Major depression and body image too. I barely leave the house. Loss of interest. Extremely unhappy and afraid all the time. Can't drive because afraid of having a panic attack. No energy and complete loss of motivation. In a very dark place in my life right now. Very confused. I feel completely alone and lonely.

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  • Hey, Just wanted to let u know I'm exactly the same so u are definitely not alone :) I too am suffering panic attacks nearly daily at the moment, I also suffer Depression and Body Dysmorphia so my self esteem is rock bottom and I only go out if I'm accompanied by someone or I hardly can walk to the end of my street..I really do understand..:) Do u have any family to go out with? It can help, but the real effort is in doing this ourselves, I had Cbt with a Psychologist but I was too exhausted to do the things she was telling me too...I just don't think I was ready...Have u had any help from professionals? I hope this helps to know youre not alone and theres lots of people out there just the same..:)

  • Comforting to know I'm not alone. Sorry your suffering too. Have body image since I was 13. Panic d/o since I was 19. Always been depressed. I take klonopin and ativan and ambien to help me sleep. I've been inpatient about 15 times. Partial hospital, psychiatrists,therapists, Dbt, cbt you name it. Anti depressants don't work for me unfortunately. I can't work because of all this and I am completely dependant on other people. It really sucks. I have a family but feel completely alone and isolated. I can relate to how you feel.

  • Hey, Ive also been to see lots of professionals too and unfortunately no help at all...I haven't been able to work either which I think actually makes things worse as weve more time to think about the illness and isolates us further...this is a good site at least we can chat and not feel as if were the only ones who feel this way :) I was hospitalised in 2014 as I couldn't take it anymore, luckily someone helped me get to hospital...I saw a Psychiatrist there and he asked me what did I think was wrong with me? I told him I had a close family member who had Aspergers Syndrome and I thought I might have it...he couldn't stop laughing!!! 6 wks after I was diagnosed with the condition, so I don't know if that's at the core of everything else!!!! I sympathise, especially being dependant on everyone, it feels awful, I have to wait on whoever will come out with me that day, it makes me feel weak as a person...message anytime, I'm here for u if u need to chat :)

  • I suffered with anxiety and panic attacks for many years, but this helped me so much; it's not cheap at £129 but it's very good. I hope this can help some of you.

  • Thanks for the information and the support.

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